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Sound Worm, form and animation, 2021
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Sound Worm, foam and plaster, (WIP)
My current project investigates the physical manifestation of sound from transmission to reception. The Sound Worm correlates height and pitch to produce a melody of movement. Above is a work in progress. Using foam tubes and mod-roc I have created an initial shape for my visualisation of sound. This will be a series of shapes that can interact with each other but also stand as separate pieces. The next stage for this will be to use a high-build primer to make the surface even and spray paint colour to enhance the form's curves. Ideas for this can be seen in my Dynamic Sketches and Computer Generated 3D Forms.
This project has been transformational for me as an artist as I have started to link my illustrative style and began visualise and imagine it as physical forms. Finding methods and techniques to enable me to transform my ideas has been difficult to process since working on a flat surface for the majority of my creative career. Even so, I am finding it very rewarding to bring life to my art and exploring materials as I often feel underwhelmed by the limited possibilities of flat art.