About the Artist
My practice often involves organic lines, forms and curves. I enjoy soft, round arcs and circular forms in design and art. I am drawn to bright, natural colours and experiment with colour palettes in both my 2D and 3D work. Furthermore, I like to use colours to develop patterns and graphic illustrations. Using this as preliminary workhelps to develop my ideas to eventually lead into a final 3D item. I like to invest my art in research of similar movements and pioneers of art history.
I am curious about sustainable design; I am interested in designing objects that exist in their own relevance. Similar to the mindset of Italian Radical designers, I aim to design objects that are relevant in their time period and are constructed to degrade after the trends of the time have passed – satisfying the consumer but not adding to the mass of man-made items already in existence. I believe that more practical knowledge of properties of materials and manufacturing information will help me to understand design further, to allow me to create innovative designs that challenge form and function and push design to be more environmentally sustainable.
My vision for the future of my design includes colour and organic form to produce objects that experiment with balance and shape and make a statement in physical appearance but also present new ideas for lifestyles and living spaces. The fundamental nature that underlies the intent of my creations is essentially light-hearted. I like to see humour and wit in my approach which results in surreal outcomes that are visually confusing, challenging serious perspectives and attitudes that I feel often dominate the art world.